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Egyptian Statues spotted in the mountains on Mars

THIS amazing image appears to show a Mount Rushmore-style monument built on Mars – paying tribute to Egyptian gods

Startling images from Nasa's Curiosity Rover currently roaming the Red Planet appear to show perfectly sculpted statues embedded within a cliff face.
It comes just days after the rover snapped what could be a Buddha statue on Mars.
The black and white photo appears to be like any other baron landscape captured by the robotic rover.
But on closer look an incredible Egyptian-style monument emerges with strikingly similar features to that of the God Anubis.
The face has an elongated chin, a nose and eyes – like the God which was a man with the head of a jackal.

The images have sparked theories online whether aliens on Mars passed on their skills to the Egyptians to build pyramids and statues on Earth.
Incredibly, the statues could suggest a Mount Rushmore-style monument was built on Mars.
The Mount Rushmore monument is a huge sculpture carved into the granite face near Keystone,…

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