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Evidence of BBC hypocrisy

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POLL: Is Police stop and search against human rights?

Met Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, has suggested curbs on stop and search are behind an increase in knife crime in London. The Home Secretary disagrees. Do you support the power of the police to use stop and search? Vote below.

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TO: DAVID CAMERONWe do not want Chinese controlled nuclear power plants on UK soil. Their history of genocide and massive human rights violations coupled with their open hatred of the West's democratic process makes them a huge national security risk. SIGN PETITION HERE  Why is this important?"A Chinese state-controlled company, with a minority French state partner, will build (and control) massive nuclear power plants at Hinkley Point, Bradwell in Essex and Sizewell. British intelligence agency sources are said to be so concerned that they have let it be known in public that they can never know what hidden capabilities are built into the plant's’ software." Polly Toynbee. If these plans go ahead they could press that red button and make the UK a nuclear wasteland whenever they chose, or hold us to ransom indefinitely taking over our government and removing every last freedom we posses. Environmentally speaking our government has crushed burgeoning sustainable energy ent…

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