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BDTN Editor speaks out about mental health

As more and more people with mental health are having money stopped by the DWP BDTN Editor Ste Matthew Murray speaks out about mental health and the way mental health people are treated.

Only this week I had my money stopped by government as I was found fit for work although I never leave the house alone through anxiety and depression and panic in situations where there is loads of people and other personal stuff I don't want to go into.

Before I carry on for you Tories reading this I don't make money from being editor of this news site (Sad that I have to prove myself in a free country) but that's Tory Britain for you. 

When I kept getting my letters from the DWP to go to a medical it made my anxiety levels rise and I missed a couple of appointments but did cancel by the way I just never not turned up, the second time I cancelled my appointment the girl in the DWP call centre never cancelled  my appointment so I got sanctioned after fighting it with massive help from CAB (Ci…

The Muslims who fought for Britain in the first world war

Muslim civic leaders are hoping to draw on the little-known role played by almost half a million Muslims in Britain's first world war effort to help improve community relations during the conflict's centenary. The experience of 400,000 Muslim soldiers who fought for Britain is one of the war's least-known stories, according to research released on Saturday, as leading Muslim civic groups involved in a major festival bringing together their communities this week set out why they will be taking part in the centenary as a moment of national reflection and shared commemoration. Only 2% of people are aware that this force from an undivided India – present-day Pakistan, India and Bangladesh – fought and died alongside British troops, according to an ICM survey released by the think tank British Future to coincide with the Living Islam event. Educating people about lesser-known narratives from the conflict is being viewed as a way of countering anti-Muslim prejudice and, potentially…

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