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Evergreen Air Shuts Down Suddenly: CIA Chemtrail Contractor Goes Under

This to me is very significant. Evergreen Air is the CIA company that has been laying chemtrails all over the Valley of the Sun here in Arizona, and no doubt other places, as well. For an airline to shut down so suddenly—less than a month’s notice, effective Nov. 29th—is unheard of, isn’t it? And they won’t return calls from the press? A comment following the original article: “Do not feel saddened for the business, unless it is for the employees. The business has been mismanaged for at least a decade. As to the abruptness of the closing. The company has been bleeding and playing a shell game for some time.Over the last year employees have been payed up to two weeks late, every paycheck. The local media, newspapers and radio, have not been reporting as they should have.” Was their insolvency because the cabal is broke and couldn’t pay Evergreen employees—because they went bust at the casino? They’ve put their own spin on it, of course, but I think it’s joyous news.  This, in conjunction wi…

The new order: A Tiananmen survivor deemed a criminal, and the President of China his victim

Dr Shao Jiang is a survivor of Tiananmen Square massacre. He has spent the 26 years since then calling for justice for the victims and relatives – his friends – who were brutally killed, harmed and oppressed in the wake of the 1989 protests.

Earlier this week, he joined an Amnesty demo along the Mall leading to Buckingham Palace. We, the human rights protesters, were massively outnumbered by thousands of pro-China fans, bussed in from around the country and kitted out with merchandise apparently sent via the Chinese embassy, from China as diplomatic cargo. The new order: Tiananmen survivor @shaojiang a criminal, & the President of China his victim — Amnesty UK (@AmnestyUK) October 23, 2015

But, undeterred, we set out our protest area, raised our placards and Shao Jiang unfurled a massive banner which displayed the iconic ‘Tank Man’ photograph. I was surprised when Shao Jiang told me that, iconic as it might be to us, many of the pro-Chi…

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