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False Flag? Reports of ISIS downing Russian plane

Is this another US false flag? Russian plane with over 200 Russians aboard has been downed in Egypt no survivors, ISIS have admitted it was them after Russia has spent weeks bombing the fuck out of them and the US and UK were not happy with Russia killing ISIS (Syrian Rebels funded by CIA) did the US down the plane really? Or could have ISIS really done it? 

Plane was at 31,000 feet when contact was lost • The crash site is in the northern part of Sinai, near a town called Housna -- 300 kilometers (185 miles) from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, the Egyptian Prime Minister's office says Egyptian air force planes have spotted the crash site from the air, officials say. • Two-hundred twenty-four people were reported to be aboard, including 217 passengers and seven crew members. The passengers include d17 children. The Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs said its embassy in Egypt is working to determine whether Belarusians were on board. • The airliner was on its way from Sharm el…


Terror Monitor, an online terrorist monitoring organisation, claims to have a statement from Islamic State militants claiming responsibility for the attack. The group, which watches terrorist groups around the world, tweeted an image of the Arabic statement and wrote: "#IslamicState (#ISIS) terror group claims downing of Russian aircraft in #Sinai." The unverified statement, written in Arabic, says the flight crash was NOT a technical fault, as reported by security sources.

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Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise was a cover up for child abuse

1..2 Freddies coming for you 3..4 better lock your door 5..6 grab your crucifix 7..8 never stay up late 9..10 never sleep again 

Or should that have said 1..2 LEON (Brittan) is coming for you? Freddy Krueger is the famous killer in Wes Craven's franchise A nightmare on Elm Street who loves to stalk virgins in their nightmares and kill them only for them nightmares come true, you die in your nightmare you die in real life. 
The things that resemble this franchise and the child abuse in the UK is very weird indeed it's almost like it was made to cover up the child abuse in the UK and worldwide by the elite.
When news broke of Savile being a child rapist paedophile, Child Killer, Satanist fucked up pervert the world was shocked (well some of us weren't) and then came the breaking news of the ELM Guest House in London UK where children were abused and murdered by MP's, Royals, Top Polic, Pop Stars and plenty more including children TV presenters for the BBC.
Now the ELM Guest …

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