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EXPOSED! Top Gay Rights and Human Rights activist linked with PIE

EXPOSEDPeter Tatchells association with PIE members, his written assertions that paedophile abuse brought 9-year olds ‘great joy’ and exposes other misguided advocates of reducing the age of consent.
Peter Tatchell As a Human Rights and LGBT Rights activist I can not believe I'm having to write this I am sickened by the shocking exposure of Peter Tatchell a famous gay rights activist linked with PIE (Paedophile Information Network) this is dangerous for the LGBT community and I am disgusted with his behaviour.  People still in 2015 call Homosexuals paedophiles and I have fought for years to show that ain't the point and the fact a leading human rights and LGBT rights activist is linked in with paedophiles has shook me to the core and I am angry that he could have made all them people who have become accepting of LGBT people change their minds again to the old way of thinking he disgusts me. The activities of PIE and their plan to legalise paedophilia are now well known. However le…

Jobcentre staff bully and harass claimants

BDTN Editor Ste Matthew Murray can back this as he was bullied and brought to tears by Jobcentre staff. Those on welfare to work schemes spend all day repeatedly cold-calling frustrated companies who do not have any work to offer, MSPs were told. The committee heard from claimants on a first-name basis only for fear of incurring sanctions by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). One claimant who gave evidence to the committee said that Jobcentre advisers made her ill and stressed after being made redundant from a lifetime of working. Donna, a former Church of Scotland development worker from Glasgow, said she felt bullied by Jobcentre advisers. She said of her first interview with the Jobcentre: "He made me feel like I was imagining my problems and I didn't have any problems,” she said. "He was saying to me: 'It's not like you've got a leg missing.' Each time he made me cry. "I would have been in a mental institution if I had stayed with that first adv…

Gay Rights Campaigner has let honest gay people down

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has said that schools should encourage teenagers to consider alternatives to sex.
The Peter Tatchell Foundation campaigner made the claim while writing for Teach Secondary about the future of sex and relationship education. He said that schools should work to promote oral sex and mutual masturbation as a “sexy” alternative, in order to tackle the risks. Mr Tatchell wrote: “If schools are serious about cutting the incidence of teen pregnancies, abortions and HIV infections, they should highlight safer, healthier alternatives to vaginal and anal intercourse. “Oral sex and mutual masturbation carry no risk of conception and a lower risk of HIV. “The most effective way to persuade teenagers to switch to these alternatives is by making them look and sound sexy, explaining that they can be sexually fulfilling and emphasising their advantages over intercourse: no worries about unwanted conceptions, reduced HIV risk and no need to use the pill or condoms (while…

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