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Doomsday Clock to tick closer to armageddon as World War III looms

The well-known device is timed a number of minutes before the fateful hour of 12am as a way of warning mankind about potential global doom. Now the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) is set to meet again within days to decide whether it is time to move the clock hands forward with grave concerns over the current international climate. With problems in Syria, China's once-powerful economy crumbling and North Korea hungry to deploy nuclear arms, the committee have a lot to consider.
The main fear is that Russia's hard man leader Putin could seriously destabilise the world order with Moscow's intervention in the Middle East.  In January, the  – the closest it has been to striking 12 for 20 years. But now it is feared the clock, which was first set in 1947, could move forward again. The clock has not been set to two minutes until midnight since the height of the Cold War more than 60 years ago, when the Soviet Union first detonated its…

The Zionist elite are laughing at you

Is Pope Francis and Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahirithe same person? 

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