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DON'T wear your poppy with pride

You have a right to wear your poppy with pride but you also have a right NOT to wear a poppy with pride it's called freedom the very same freedom the soldiers fought for in both world wars.
We have become a society where we bully people for not wearing something like the poppy because them soldiers fought for our freedoms (The Irony) so we MUST  wear it for respect or you are a traitor and a disgrace to Britain, Well I'm sorry it's the other way around people should be allowed in a FREE COUNTRY to decide whether to wear a poppy or not and if you BULLY someone to do something they don't want to do YOU are the traitor and disgrace to Britain.
STOP THE POPPY FASCISM It's against freedom and against what our soldiers fought for.
The last time people were forced to wear stuff on their tops were the victims of Nazis the very same people who our soldiers fought against Let that sink in.......

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