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Corbyn DIDN'T kneel before the Queen GOOD FOR HIM!

Jeremy Corbyn did not kneel before the Queen as he was sworn in as a member of the privy council, the Guardian understands.

The Labour leader, a lifelong republican, took part in the Buckingham Palace ceremony to become a member of the ceremonial body, which enables him to receive confidential security briefings.

Labour said Corbyn complied with the usual processes, which tend to involve kneeling on a stool before kissing the Queen’s hand.

But it is understood Buckingham Palace does not force privy council members to do things they are not comfortable with and that Corbyn did not kneel.

Speaking to ITV News before the ceremony, Corbyn signalled he would not be kneeling. “I don’t expect to be kneeling at all, no,” he said. “I expect to be nominated to the privy council and that’s it.”

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EXCLUSIVE: One Direction member quit over Zionist Cowell's Israel's stance

Zayn Malik is Pro Palestine unlike his manager Cowell who is 100% Pro Israel,  One Direction made Cowell millions of pounds and he spent £100,000 of that money on the IDF (Israel Defence Force) is this why Zayn really quit? 

Zayn Malik's dream came true when he won X Factor as part of a boy band put together by Simon Cowell himself but not only did they win X Factor they have become the worlds biggest selling group since The Beatles and made Cowell MILLIONS! 

Whilst Simon Cowell's girlfriend was pregnant she made him pay £100,000 to the IDF but why? why would he want to please his girlfriend by giving Israel money? What does she know about him? 

When Cowell gave the IDF this money it was the end of 2013 and not long after they recorded their new album in 2014 then Zayn decided to leave One Direction in 2015 was this because of Cowell's evil zionist ways? 



Ella Gareeva testimony: Ricky Dearman sexual deviant. Hampstead case

This was taken from the website

The following paragraph is taken from an affidavit given by Ella Draper to her lawyer, prior to the 2014 revelations by the children.
"He also harassed me sexually, pressuring me to have anal sex with him. He then bought a gigantic artificial penis suggesting for me to use. On many occasions he attempted to get me to watch online pornography. I objected to his perverted sexual attempts, threw the sex toy in the bin and asked Mr Dearman to pick his stuff he had in my house and not to come there again. (2007) However, he came to school to “surprise” the children and often stalked us, showing up from nowhere: in the park, or on the way to school and in shops. I warned him on many occasions to stop doing this. But he requested to see the children. Many times he came and knocked on my door without prior notice and several times he broke in through the garden doo…

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