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Terry Wogan pulls out of Children In Need last minute ANOTHER PAEDO?

At the very last minute the long term presenter of Children In Need Terry Wogan has pulled out, but why? Has he been told to stay away? It's looks just like that! Looks like Wogan is the next to  be arrested..
Wogan 77, has been familiar face on the charity fundraiser since it made its debut on 1980. Wogan recently revealed he would love to keep going for another decade. He said: "I'm used to long days. I do seven hours on my feet of live TV for Children in Need every year, so the day I can’t stand up is when I will stop doing it. "I'd love to keep going another 10 years, I’ll cling to the wreckage as long as I can. I’m supposed to be retiring, but I’m not. “I have no plans to retire – they’ll have to carry me off stage.” The star is also known for the BBC chat show Wogan, the game show Blankety Blank and Come Dancing. He was the BBC's commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest from 1971 to 2008 before being replaced by Graham Norton. He currently presents a two-hou…

War on the poor: Double Standards

A homeless man was arrested for having a poo in public, where was he meant to go if he is HOMELESS and all public loo's have closed down? ...

....But the MP who closed down the loo's was caught peeing in public and ended up with just a fine! How is that fair? 

More evidence of the war on the poor 
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David Cameron is a terrorist communist dictator sympathiser NOT Corbyn

Only a few weeks ago this was the headline that was in almost every newspaper below's headline was in The Independent 

Cameron is Britain's biggest hypocrite ever only a few weeks back he was calling Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser and every week since he said this he has met dictators from across the globe who have terrible human rights records to do deals with.

The thing that is most worrying is David Cameron has openly said he want's to scrap Britain's Human Rights act so what is he up too?

Cameron has met Chinese President Xi Jinping (who has a terrible record for human rights) for what he said is a deal to let China build a Nuclear factory in the UK.

He also met Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Egypt's brutal dictator for reasons unknown.

David Cameronhas also been slammed by human rights groups after newly-released government documents showed the taxpayer forked out a whopping £101,792 for a flight to attend the funeral of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz in J…

Has Rolf Harris got EBOLA? (never thought I'd ever hear them two words in one sentence)

Rolf Harris 'admitted to Ebola ward' after being sneaked into hospital side-entrance

The 85-year-old and former entertainer was taken from his cell at Stafford Prison and taken to the infectious diseases unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital. Rolf Harris has been admitted to an Ebola ward at an NHS hospital, it has been reported today. The shamed paedophile and former entertainer was taken from his cell at Stafford Prison and admitted to an infectious diseases unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital. The ward is used to treat highly contagious diseases, such as Ebola. It is understood the 85-year-old was kept in a secure room at the unit, which has a less public entrance than other wards at the hospital. It is not yet known if Harris has returned to prison and if he was treated on the ward for his privacy. A source told the Stoke Sentinel: "He was taken to the Lyme Building where there is a less public entrance than the main ones. Google Treatment: Harris was admitted to Royal S…

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