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This group of people have killed more than ISIS did in Paris

129 people died in Friday's terrorist attack in Paris and ISIS have claimed it was them so who has killed more people than ISIS did in the attacks? 

A cruel false economy?
UK Tory government efforts to reduce the number of people claiming disability benefit appear to have driven 590 people in England to suicide and to have put 725,000 more on antidepressants. Researchers suggest the adverse effects of this policy might outweigh any benefits, and could result in disabled people becoming more dependent on state aid, not less. Since 2010, more than a million people have had their eligibility for disability allowance reviewed. There have been claims that this process has been too severe, putting pressure on people who really are unfit to work and, sometimes, pushing them to suicide.
But it has been hard to evaluate these claims. The UK Department of Work and Pensions has declined to release health data on those that lost their benefits. So Ben Barr at the University of Liverpool and his co…

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BREAKING: Paris under military state

Army now deployed St Denis Paris — Jonathan Rugman (@jrug) November 18, 2015

L'armée se replie, les sirènes s'éloignent mais centre ville toujours en état de siège — sylvia zappi (@sylviazappi) November 18, 2015

Ambiance de guerre à Saint- Denis. Militaires hurlent " arrête toi" aux voitures. Centre ville en état de siège — sylvia zappi (@sylviazappi) November 18, 2015

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