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PARIS ATTACKS: this looks more and more like two teams involved

The plot thickens, as the known dead terrorists so far appear to fit the classic patsy profile of bumbling incompetents and miscreants from the fringes of the criminal world, who were somehow transformed into raging Islamic fundamentalists, with no explanation. Yet it now seems like another black ops team of professional assassins was involved in some of the shootings, and then escaped into the shadows, their existence being denied by the authorities, lest the official narrative crumble. This combination of pathetic patsies on the one hand (who were conveniently shot on the spot) and professional assassins on the other hand (who were allowed to get away) is one of the telltale signs of false flag operations. *** The Slog WHY NO MANHUNT FOR THE RESTAURANT KILLERS? Now that the immediate cops-and-killers Paris drama seems to be drawing to a close, some things look clear, but many others only slightly less confusing or implausible. Very obvious indeed are the main winners: the EC federalists…

Mi5 Planted things in the alleged terrorists apartments before the attacks

The mother of Hasna Boulahcen Ait, one of the alleged terrorist died in the assault by the RAID, received two visits within 24 hours. While dozens of officials of the anti-terrorist sub-directorate raided Thursday afternoon his apartment, located in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), a strange procession had already landed. A possible "cleaning" of the apartment According to several sources, a dozen people went Wednesday night, shortly after 22 hours, the home of the mother of Ait Boulahcen Hasna. They were driving three cars registered in Belgium. According to the same testimony, the small group of men would have carried a possible "cleansing" of the apartment, located rue Edgar Degas, which could stay young suicide bomber. "The question is whether these people took with them the elements present in the apartment which could directly interest the investigation," said a judicial source. Died in the assault of Saint-Denis  The assault led Wednesday in Saint…

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