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Why is NIKE symbolism at every false flag event? Now buy Paris NIKE blood trainers

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Corbyn Hints At Rejection Of Syria Airstrikes

Jeremy Corbyn appears to be ruling out military intervention in Syria, following last night's UN resolution which urged the world to take all necessary action. In a keynote speech, the Labour leader urged a negotiated settlement, a different kind of foreign policy and action that must not be seen as "external intervention".
The French-drafted resolution urging the world to take all necessary measures is being used by the Prime Minister to help bolster his case for UK airstrikes in Syria.

But any such involvement will require the backing of Parliament - where there is continued opposition from some Conservatives and the Labour leadership.
Mr Corbyn told activists in Bristol: "Labour will consider the proposals the government brings forward - including its responses to the Foreign Affairs select committee report opposing British air strikes in Syria.

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