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Amazon's 'Man in the High Castle' Nazi Ads Pulled From N.Y. Subway

Advertising for Amazon Studios' Man in the High Castle that featuredNazi imagery will be dropped from New York's subway, an MTA spokeswoman confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.
The advertisements featured images of American flags with Nazi insignias and also Japan's flag in a World War II design plastered across the seats in a car on the 42nd St. shuttle train. "Amazon Studios creates high-quality, provocative programming that spurs conversation," an Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement. "The Man in the High Castle, based on an acclaimed novel, explores the impact to our freedoms if we had lost World War II. Like Transparent and the movie Chi-Raq, stories that society cares about often touch on important, thought-provoking topics. We will continue to bring this kind of storytelling to our customers." Sources close to the situation tell THR that MTA was pressured to take the ads down. The news that the ads would be removed comes after the MTA defended the…

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