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The public has spoken and they DO NOT want war in Syria

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Corbyn to quit?

As a lifelong Labour voter, I will never vote them again if Corbyn is ousted he was democratically voted in by Labour voters and that is how a democracy works 
According to the Independent
Senior Labour MPs have called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Labour leader after his handling of the upcoming vote on military action in Syria caused further splits in the party.  Former Home Office minister Fiona Mactaggart said his position had become “unsustainable” while fellow ex-minister John Spellar said Mr Corbyn’s behaviour over the Syria vote had been “unacceptable”.  The Labour leader is also facing an open revolt from a majority of his Shadow Cabinet after he warned his MPs that he could not support David Cameron's plan to launch air strikes on Isis targets in Syria.  Becoming the first Labour MP to publicly call on Mr Corbyn to stand down, Ms Mactaggart, who agrees with him in opposing British intervention in Syria, said his “weak leadership” was causing damaging divisions in the party …

Arch Paedophile Jimmy Savile was a devout Zionist and an Israel supporter

It is far from being a big surprise that Jimmy Savile, a 'predatory sex offender', found many friends amongst Zionists and Israeli leaders. Just a year ago, the UK Jewish Chronicle saw him as a dear friend of the Jewish people and their State. Interestingly enough, JC's  Jessica Elgot who wrote the following piece prefers  Zionist paedophile Savile over truth tellers such as prof' John Mearsheimer or myself*.
Jimmy Savile came to my bat mitzvah

With the Bridge in Britain friends in Tel Aviv in 1975; John Levy is far right He claimed to have "invented the disco", but Sir Jimmy Savile, the DJ and presenter who died last weekend, also claimed to have done his bit towards peace in the Middle East. Sir Jimmy always said he had berated the Israeli Cabinet in 1975 for being too soft after the Six Day War.
The bling-loving Leeds-born presenter of Jim'll Fix It and Top of the Pops, who once describe…

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