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Poll: Corbyn lets Labour get a free vote over Syria are you happy?

Jeremy Corbyn says he will grant Labour MPs a free vote on UK air strikes in Syria - with a Commons debate expected on Wednesday. BBC have reported: 

Mr Corbyn's spokesman said the shadow cabinet had "accepted his recommendation" of a free vote. He has also requested a two-day debate in the House of Commons beforehand. BBC chief political correspondent Vicki Young said Mr Corbyn wanted Labour to oppose air strikes but was forced to back down by his shadow cabinet. The leader was given a "thorough kicking" in the meeting, she was told. Politics live: The latest on Labour and the Syria voteSyria bombing vote: Where the UK's parties standCan British forces make a difference in Syria?The UK and Syria: What you need to knowIslamic State: Where key countries stand
Labour's internal party debate comes ahead of a statement from David Cameron on Syria later. The PM is trying to build support for the extension of strikes from Iraq to Syria. He has said he will only call a…

Paris attacks were predicted on the Illuminati card game

The Illuminati card game strikes again 

Please comment below.

Planned Parenthood shooting demonstrates the severity of domestic rightwing terror

Three people are dead and several others are injured after a crazed man opened fire near a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Among the victims of Robert Lewis Dear’s act of terror were police officer Garrett Swasey and two unidentified civilians. When news of the six-hour standoff broke, media outlets and authorities were careful to not speculate on a motive until an investigation revealed why Dear would feel the need to murder innocent people. However, soon after the shooting, Dear made remarks about his anti-abortion leanings, and authorities still refuse to accept that his motive was clearly to terrorize Planned Parenthood due to his objection to reproductive rights. CNN’s coverage perfectly demonstrates how authorities are extremely careful against speculating when it comes to a white murder suspect: “…the suspect accused of carrying out the shooting spree made remarks about “baby parts” to investigators after his surrender, a law enforcement official told CNN. Dear, 57, told t…

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