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Lord Mountbatten had links with the Kincora boy abuse network

It was alleged in the book 'War of the Windsors', and the Sunday People newspaper pg17, that Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been linked to the Kincora boy's abuse network. Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was renowned for being wildly promiscuous, bisexual and for enjoying a bit of 'rough' or the pleasures of young working class boys or indeed peasant Indian boys. In other words, Lord Mountbatten enjoyed rogering the children of lower classes and peasants globally

This is revealed in the book 'War of the Windsors', and may account for the non-prosecution of Kincora clients and the reluctance of the authorities to act against those running the Kincora care home until 1981, despite the vice ring being in operation since 1977, and the repeated allegations made against those pillars of society, upright citizens in charge of Kincora. 

The very Reverend William McGrath and co. Those operating the Kincora child vice ring were eventually prosecuted …

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