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Cliff Richard furious over new documentary involving him

Cliff was good friends with Jill Dando or was he? The new documentary about Jills death and what she was investigating at the time is out April and he is furious that he is involved.

Cliff Richard became good friends with Jill when the BBC set her up by telling her she was going to meet a prince for a TV documentary in Venice and the "prince in waiting" was Cliff himself why the BBC set that up is beyond me but suppose it's because she was a massive fan of his and a devout Christian like Cliff but even so it still seemed a bit random.
After the documentary, they became really good friends and Cliff had set up a blind date (what's with all the secrecy surrounding new people meeting Jill?) for Jill with a man who was already in a relationship but split as soon as he met Jill, his name was Allan Farthing a very respectable doctor who after Jill's death was promoted to one of the top doctors in the country looking after the Royal Family and was the doctor at Kate and W…

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