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London gangs of white and black men ‘pressuring 9yo girls into group sex’

Gang members are pressuring girls as young as nine into group sex, causing them to believe it is normal behavior, an official Home Office report has revealed. The report on urban gangs in 19 London boroughs and 14 local authorities, reveals young girls are having sex with up to five gang members, without realizing they are being sexually exploited. Gang members are forcing vulnerable girls to store their drugs, firearms and set up “honeytrap” attacks on rival gang members, according to the report, published Wednesday. The report, compiled from evidence by police and other officials working to tackle gangs, also found the children are often persuaded to engage in such activities with the lure of “earning money or being given new trainers and tracksuits.” It further warns of the “use of young, often vulnerable, people to transport drugs to other parts of the country.” Ministers have warned that children aged 9 to 14 are “more involved” in gangs now than they were two years ago. The report’s f…

PETITION: PLEASE HELP! Stop the abuse of my daughter...

My name is Christopher Furnival.
I really need your help to get my daughter back, please please, I ask each and every one of you to sign this petition and share with all your family and friends as, my daughter is not safe.
She wants to come home as much as I want her home  she pleaded and begged for me not to send her back but I have no leg to stand on legally. 
My 8-year-old daughter Katie has been forced to return to Germany with her mum & her mum's new partner. Her mums partner has been ABUSING my daughter. 
But because of the wrong information given in court by a police officer, I had no choice but to make her return. 
I reported it to the child protection team and social services who interviewed my daughter at the local police station.
After the interview, I was told that the man who has been abusing my daughter cannot be charged because the abuse has been happening in Germany and they have no jurisdiction. 
We went to court in an emergency hearing and the barr…

The man who shouted at Junior Doctor protestors was allegedly paid by the BBC

As the junior doctors struck for 24 hours and protested ridiculous new Tory laws for NHS workers a Lincoln man came over to the doctors with a lost temper 

Secret sources have told BDTN that the guy is a known crisis actor who has been seen at plenty of protests before kicking off.
Although we would love to tell you who our secret source is we have promised to keep it quiet as promised to them. 
He was allegedly paid by the BBC according to the source who was there to film it live.

The BBC and Mail Online are blaming Jeremy Corbyn supporters for "egging on the man" which is a lie as he drove past and seen the protestors out of his car window so nobody egged him on. 


Whilst trying to blame "Corbyn's Cronies" by lying they are also making NHS workers look like bad by "egging this guy on by smirking". NHS workers work their arses off and have a right to strike and protest in a democracy never forget protestors and strikers in the past have help…

Bill Maloney from Pie and Mash films was right about Jersey and now the truth is spilling out

A former Deputy Chief Officer of Jersey's police force has today claimed senior police officers were involved in the cover-up of a paedophile ring. Lenny Harper led the investigation into allegations of child abuse at former children's home Haut de la Garenne in 2008. Today he told the inquiry into historical child abuse in the island of his growing concern there was a top-level cover up. I was hugely concerned there was a cover up happening in Jersey and I was concerned that a lot of evidence was going missing and that witnesses were being intimidated. There was a clear story emerging in my mind and whilst I may not have used the term paedophile ring, my view there was certainly a culture emerging in Jersey of systematic child abuse. – LENNY HARPER, FORMER DEPUTY CHIEF OFFICER OF JERSEY'S POLICE He went on to give examples of times, he claims, officers were pressured to drop investigations: "A former senior detective where his credibility and integrity were questioned by …

All I have seen from flat earthers....

...Is nothing but bullying

Ok Fair enough we all are entitled our opinion on things and we are allowed to believe what we want to believe but when it comes something like the flat earth theory dare you question it and your life will be made hell and it's like the flat earthers turn into the hulk.
To some people, the flat earth theory is absolutely crazy but to some people 9/11 being an inside job is absolutely crazy too but we are all on the same side so stop the bullying it's dividing the truther society.

In my opinion, I think the flat earth theory is a psyop to ridicule the truther world but that's just my opinion that doesn't give you a right to bully me or call me names like a government insider or shill I think stuff like 9/11, child abuse and the Zionist fake war on terror is more important. I just don't understand why the government would hide the world being flat? and fake going to space because of it who cares if it's flat or not? why would it change our…

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