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Twitter campaign to get all France wearing Jewish skullcaps

A call for French Jews to remove their skullcaps to make themselves less vulnerable to attack has provoked a social media campaign calling for more or less the opposite. "The idea is that everybody - Jewish or not - should wear a kippah, because if everybody wears one, nobody is a target anymore."‪#‎TousAvecUneKippa‬ Using a hashtag #TousAvecUneKippa (Everyone with a kippah), thousands are calling on French people of all backgrounds to don the traditional Jewish skullcap and post a selfie on social media this Friday in a show of solidarity against anti-Semitic attacks. Earlier this week Zvi Ammar, the main Jewish leader in the French city of Marseille urged men to stop wearing the skullcap, "to avoid being identified as Jewish". He said the "exceptional measure" was needed to protect Jewish lives. The advice was given in direct response to a violent anti-Semitic attack on a teacher. On Monday Benjamin Amsellem - who was wearing a skullcap at the time - was a…

Are the Freemason elite and A-List celebs leaving for bunkers?

Only this week have 2 A-list celebrities died and also a husband of A-list celeb Celine Dion and over the past year celeb after celeb seem to be dying off or are they? 
David Bowie, Allan Rickman, and Celine Dion's husband have died and in the past couple of years loads of top celebs seem to be dropping off or are they?Could A-List celebrities and 32 degree freemasonry politicians know something we don't? For years, we have known about the elite building underground bunkers not just any old bunker though bunkers deep enough beyond our wildest dreams and tunnels that long some of them are longer than the smallest countries on the planet.Of course, they are safe from Nuclear weapons, Tsunamis and that deep they are safe from asteroids or comets.
Also, let's not forget Hollywood movies use subliminal messages to tell the viewers what could happen in the future the subliminal's usually are part of something that is something more over the top, for example, end of the world m…

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