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EXCLUSIVE: Cliff Richard to be charged with child abuse ?

SIR Cliff Richard will learn if he faces criminal charges over historic sex allegations in weeks, it was claimed yesterday.

The singer, 75, has denied allegations he abused at least two boys in the 1980s. Detectives are wrapping up an 18-month investigation and preparing to send a dossier to the CPS, which will decide whether to press charges. Officers raided the star’s £3million mansion at Sunningdale, Berks, in August 2014. Advertisement Sir Cliff was then quizzed by cops from South Yorkshire Police over allegations he sexually abused a teenage boy, now 40, at a concert in Sheffield in 1985. He was quizzed again last November over two new claims, including an alleged assault of a boy while filming a video in 1981. Sir Cliff has barely returned to his British home since the raid, spending most of his time in Portugal and Barbados. Anti-sex abuse campaigner Mark William-Thomas said: “The file is expected to go to the Crown Prosecution Service within the next eight weeks.” A source close to th…

Elite Bug-Out Underground Bunkers And Cities Prepared For Major Catastrophe – The Elite Will Survive, Will We?

With stories of missing food, recalls, government stockpiling of ammunition and weapons, medication shortages, vanishing money and missing gold,  and more being buzzed about on the Internet, one possible answer of where it is all going, who is hoarding it, can be found over at the Bob Fletcher Investigation website…. a site I encourage everyone to go to and browse around. While some may not agree with his ultimate conclusions of what the final catastrophe will be, the information provides on “Doomsday Lairs“, underground facilities, bug-out locations, whole cities and tunnel systems, not only in the US, but across the globe, makes it undeniable that the elite are preparing for an extinction level event, using food, money, gold and other necessities, all paid for by you…. the taxpayer.

They will be safe and cozy, underground and protected while those very same taxpayers are fighting to survive the aftermath of the expected catastrophe. I go through some of these locations, (over 100 of th…

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