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Right Wing Nutters Turn Up at Diane Abbott Demo In Dover and Cause Riots

And as the right wing nutjobs would like you to believe Diane Abbott HAS NOT been arrested 

Clashes between far-right groups and anti-fascist protesters have descended into chaos in a service station near Dover. Violence erupted between the two groups as they were on their way to counter-demonstrations in the coastal Kent town. The clashes erupted in a service station (Picture: Lee Thomas)Right wingers used sticks and debris found around the service station car park to attack opposing demonstrators and vandalise vehicles. One man has been arrested, and a number parked coaches were damaged. Neo-Nazis have painted swastikas ‘in blood’ on coaches A swastika painted on the side of a coach (Picture: @bat020/Twitter)Anindya Bhattacharyya, 44, from Whitechapel, told the Guardian: ‘They were wearing Combat 18 T-shirts and one had an Enoch Powell T-shirt. ‘They were running at the anti-fascist demonstrators and there was some argy-bargy, things were chucked back and forth. Right wingers had planned to…

The Tories are purging our emergency services

Because of "austerity" Emergency services are being cut including Army and Navy leaving the country in danger and now they are talking of cutting power of an evening to save money so Britain will be left in the dark with no police because of cuts, what possibly could go wrong?
The number of British army personnel has been cut back by 20,000 - three years ahead of target. Ministry of Defence figures shows there are currently 81,700 full-time servicemen and women in the Army, down from 102,260 in 2010. More reservists are being recruited but that process has been slow. Former commander Richard Kemp said it showed the plan was "incoherent" but the MoD said the Army had the "manpower we need at the moment". Col Kemp, a commander of British forces in Afghanistan, told the BBC News website: "To have already made the cuts by 2015, it shows confusion and targets that don't match up... it doesn't mean it's a good thing. "The whole plan was to cover…

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