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I'm sorry but I'm not having it anymore EDL and Britain First are all MORONS

They are racist, uneducated, illiterate, brainwashed, nazi morons and they make me ashamed to be British!

Right wing nazis waving the flag for Britain with a skinhead, denim jeans and purple Dr.Martin boots.

"Oi Oi EDL EDL Oi Oi EDL EDL"They are the only five letters of the alphabet they know they are that thick. They used to know the letters BNP but that has faded from their tiny pea brains.

I'm sick to death of them I actually hate them they are unBritish Royal Family loving cunts and that's me being nice. 

And as for Britain First, their leaders (with a name you will find in a really common area of Manchester or Grimsby), boot face, Jayda and the skinhead man in a suit who looks like he's on trial for raping babies make me sick. She probably sucks all their cheesy dicks for a bit of attention or a free Burger King meal. 

All of EDL and BF supporters stink of BO and piss, their politics are so fucking victorian they still think they only have to get a bath once a mo…

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