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REAL EVIDENCE:Who are the Men In Black?

The man in black are real but who are they are why are they needed? 

A friend of mine in Salt Lake City, K.S., was visiting a Nordstrom store in the mid 1990's, when she saw three "teenagers" walking by. The strange thing was that two of them were almost 7 feet tall, identical looking, and their faces were entirely void of blemishes! Their arms rached almost to their knees, and the "boy" who accompanied them was gamboling around them in a manner that reminded her of agargoyle.
As they passed her and her grandson [who, like the two tall boys, was blond haired and had the popular short "bowl cut" type hair style, 6 ft. tall] she faintly overheard one of them say, after looking towards her teenaged grandson, "Is he one of us?" At which the other replied in the negative.
This woman was completely flabergasted, however being an abductee - as was her grandson - she was well familiar with other reports of reptilian abductors and "infiltrators&quo…

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