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Facebook is ‘spying on people who DON’T use it’

It’s no secret that Facebook watches everything you do while you have it open – in order to ‘personalise’ advertising based on your ‘Likes’ and your posts. But what’s less well known is that it tracks people who DON’T use the site, according to French privacy regulators. Now French privacy authorities have taken a stand against the company – after the law changed about Facebook sending data on its customers to America. The so-called ‘Safe Harbour’ pact expired last week. Facebook tracks non-users through a cookie placed on their browser when they visit a Facebook page, the regulator CNIL says. It also said Facebook uses cookies that collect information then used for advertising – without Internet users’ consent. The French regulator says Facebook users should have the option of preventing the social network from profiling them in order to serve them personalised ads Facebook said, ‘Protecting the privacy of the people who use Facebook is at the heart of everything we do. We … look forward to…

Jack Straw to be ‘denied knighthood and peerage’ under Jeremy Corbyn – and rightly so

Jack Straw is thought to have been lined up for a peerage in the final days of Ed Miliband’s time as party leader. That was before he was filmed, apparently offering his services to a private company for money [Image: Andy Hall for the Observer]. This is, of course, absolutely the right decision.
There has been a huge amount of protest about abuse of the awards system by the Conservative Party, and the denial of such recognition to Jack Straw after his implication in a cash-for-access scandal sends out a strong message. Straw was cleared of misconduct by the toothless Parliamentary standards watchdog, IPSA, but this appears to be because he only offered his services to a private company for cash (on film) rather than actually going through with it. Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear he stands for a new kind of politics; he made it clear in his first speeches after being made Labour leader – they took place under the banner, “Straight talking – honest politics”. You can’t have honest politics …

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