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homeless and hungry? YELLOW CARD!

Humberside Police will be operating a "two-strikes-and-you're-out" policy, which will see officers handing out warning cards to beggars in the Avenues, Beverley Road and Spring Bank.

Similar to a yellow card handed out to players during a football match, beggars who have been given one already will be promptly arrested if they are caught a second time. Inspector Craig Mattinson hopes it will rid the area of street drinking and begging, which many people find intimidating. He said: "Street drinking and begging have continued to be a problem in the area. "We are now looking at plans where we will issue a card to each person found drinking or begging, which points out different support services that can be accessed. "It is one chance and one chance only policy. "If people fail to make use of the services available, they will be arrested." Several businesses and residents in Princes Avenue and Newland Avenue have complained about the problem of begging in p…

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