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The Union Flag is just as insulting as the Swastika Flag

The way our country has behaved and still behaves I'm ashamed to say I'm British. The Great part of "Great Britain" was lost a long time ago.

Whenever I see the Union Flag hanging in someone's garden or in their living room window I automatically think EDL UKIP or Britain First I don't see it like I used too I used to see it as a flag my grandad adored because he was called up as a soldier in WW2 and survived to tell the tale and some tales he had too. The flag was draped over his coffin as a show of British pride at his funeral and wore his ww2 beret and medals in his coffin. He would be turning in his grave the way this country has gone not only are the Royal family sponging £42 million a year from taxpayers they sell weapons in war, The poor disabled and vulnerable are being bullied and pushed to suicide by cuts, we are invading countries left right and centre and the worst part is the rising of right wing fascists wearing the Union Flag, Swastika flags and…

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