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Why I'm not going to let the Tories stress me out no more

When the Tories won last May I felt like it was the end of the world but then Ed Miliband stepped down and then Corbyn won the Labour leadership, Labour was once again left-wing Labour the way it should be.

It hasn't been an easy ride for Corbyn months before he became leader of Labour he was called a scruffy terrorist sympathiser and even his own MP's turned against him (when I say his own MP's I mean Blairites and right wing Labour MP's) then he won the leadership after months of propaganda and lies with the biggest share of votes a Labour leader has ever had.
The propaganda and lies didn't stop there it carried on for months. Only a few weeks ago Labour was still split with the Blairites calling Corbyn all kinds and threatening to bring Corbyn down and the Tory Toffs were loving it and I was stressed thinking this is the end of Corbyn and left-wing Labour. 
Then George Osborne's budget happened. Need I say anymore? 
One speech from Osborne full of BS and lies th…

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