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Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins

A court in Amsterdam has begun hearing testimony 
from nine witnesses into allegations that senior 
politicians knew about and used underage male 
prostitutes in the 1980s. 

Among those implicated are Prince Claus, the late husband of former queen Beatrix, the former finance minister and executive director of the international monetary fund Onno Rudding, and former Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn, the Algemeen Dagblad reports. Koos van Woudenberg, the first witness to give evidence, claimed to have been abused at a young age in the home of professor Ger van Roon in Amsterdam. 

He told the court he had performed oral sex on Rudding and saw Prince Claus at a bar ‘in relation to young boys’. The main witness in this hearing is Bart van Well, who claims to have been drugged and abused for several years. Van Well said that at the age of 15 he was forced to have sex in the back seat of a car with Joris Demmink, then a top civil servant in the justice ministry. Now 43, Van Well says he still suffers…

9/11: Forget the 28 pages we want full disclosure

Forget the censored 28 pages we want a full reinvestigation that includes WTC building 7 and the witness testimonies.

When the 9/11 investigation was completed millions across the globe questioned how it was investigated and why things were missing from the 9/11 commission report. 
Even victims families were furious because their witness statements weren't added to the commission and the ones that were added to it had been extremely edited.

Also missing was WTC building 7 there was no explanation into how a steel building falls into its footprints when no plane had hit it, it only had a fire on four floors. Maybe if that was explained they could explain how 3 steel towers collapsed into themselves because of fire in one day.

Firemen's statements from that day were also ignored in the commission especially the firemen's reports of explosions inside the towers.

It's time for a fully open public reinvestigation into 9/11 to explain these things it's about time we got to th…

Ex-police chief who claims McCanns covered up Maddie's death by faking her disappearance to sue couple

THE EX-police chief who claimed "the McCanns covered up Maddie's death by faking her disappearance" has announced he is planning to sue the couple for compensation in a new blow for the couple. Goncalo Amaral yesterday won an appeal against paying the Brit parents 500,000 euros (£430,000), after a year-long battle against their libel win over his explosive book 'Maddy,The Truth of the Lie'. The former detective, who worked on the four-year-old's disappearance case in the opening days, claimed the McCanns "covered up Maddie's death by faking her disappearance" in the book. Gerry and Kate previously won a libel case against the claims but were heartbroken last night after this was overturned by three judges in an appeal. The parents had planned to put the £430,000 into their Find Maddie fund. Amaral's lawyer yesterday announced after the libel U-turn he would sue the McCanns for damages, claiming the couple’s long-running court fight had cost his c…

Translation of the Conclusions of the Appellate Court's Decision (McCann's)

This is a translation of numbers 3 and of the Appellate Court of Lisbon's decision in the case that has been filed by the McCann family against Gonçalo Amaral and others.

This blog would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to every one of you who have supported Gonçalo Amaral through this case. It is not over; but this is, without a doubt, a significant and relevant decision that boosts our confidence in the Portuguese Courts and in a system that may be excruciatingly slow but ultimately serves its purpose of performing Justice.

Thank you.

3. Under articles 635, number 4, and 639, number 1, of the Civil Process Code, the matter of the appeal is delimited by the appellant’s conclusions.

The matter subject to the decision is thus essentially centred on the evaluation of the alleged wrongfulness and the responsibility that derives from it, imputed to the 1st defendant [Gonçalo Amaral], now the appellant, of the publication, by the 2nd and the 3rd defendants, equally appellants, of th…

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