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What was Rik Mayall warning us about before his death? (strange video)

Rik Mayall from Ste Murray on Vimeo.

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MK-Ultra, Silence Symbol and Paedophilia

MK- Kitten

Massachusetts resident, researcher, specialised in corporate research, tracked mergers, maintained client data. Basically, my job was to extract data and spy on businesses that corporations paid to have spied on and reported back to the corporation who hired me.  I was incredibly efficient.   The accounts that arose my suspicions were Oracle, Acxiom, EnerNOC and others.  In my opinion, EnerNOC and Acxiom are dangerous.  Notice the way they spell their company name, NOC is in caps, backwards is CON.  This is accurate.  Acxiom has a cross in their logo. Viacom is equally dangerous - the larger publishing companies are as well.  I remember making note of these oddities in 2005 before I knew any of this.  Corporations have been tightening their hold with mergers, acquisitions, closings, bankruptcies. (purchasing liquidated assets for pennies on dollar).

I began to notice patterns of peculiar corporate behaviour and having information regarding some clients were blocked from analy…

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