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Tony Blair to be sacked from Labour

TO: THE LABOUR PARTYExpel Tony Blair for his anti-Labour comments on BBC tv. The current leadership, democratically elected, are not "A Dangerous Experiment" They are a direct reaction to his failures in government and the failures of the party since he was deposed. Why is this important?Tony Blair is working against the interests of the Labour Party and as such should be expelled, Just like members who in the run up to the last leadership election were barred from voting or removed from the party for supporting candidates for other parties.

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SCANDAL: Conservative MP on the Saudi payroll

Imagine if a Conservative MP was on the payroll of the Saudi royal family. By payroll, I mean receiving a monthly salary paid into their bank account. Imagine if that MP was asking for British airmen to risk their lives defending Saudi ground troops. Imagine if that MP was repeating Saudi Arabian propaganda on the floor of the House of Commons about the execution of peaceful dissidents. Imagine… well, actually, you don’t have to imagine this scenario, because a Conservative MP really is acting as a paid adviser to a think tank with close ties to the Saudi Arabian intelligence services. He has a history of advising foreign governments and defecting between political parties. We should be very wary of his intentions. Pakistan-born Rehman Chishti was a vice-chairman of Labour students in Wales and a Labour councillor in Medway, Kent, before defecting to the Conservative Party in 2006. The turncoat is now the Conservative MP for Gillingham and Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group…

Chilcot:Another British day another British coverup

The Chilcot Inquiry is set to CLEAR Alastair Campbell over claims he 'sexed up' the dodgy dossier making the case for Iraq War

New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell is set to be cleared of wrong-doing over the Iraq War despite more than a decade of claims he 'sexed up' a No 10 dossier make the case for war.

Mr Campbell has reportedly not been sent a letter by the inquiry setting out criticisms and offering a right of reply - unlike his former boss Tony Blair. Inquiry sources told the Sunday Times Mr Campbell was 'in the clear' and indicated intelligence chiefs would be blamed for producing the material No 10 presented to the public.
The long-awaited Chilcot Inquiry report will finally be published on July 6, almost seven years after it was first ordered by then-prime minister Gordon Brown. The 2.6million word report is thought to run to some 6,000 pages. One source told the paper: 'Campbell has not had a letter. He is in the clear. 'He was in some ways a bi…

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