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Immigration is good for us this just proves it

“Why don’t you Germans like cricket?” The question has apparently been asked by many an incredulous refugee arriving in Germany and formed the headline in a recent article by Spiegel Online (in German). Four-times world champions at football, some in Germany are now questioning the country’s potential at that most English of sports – cricket – thanks to its popularity among the ever-growing number of migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan in particular. Of nearly half a million people who claimed asylum in Germany last year, more than 40,000 came from these two countries – with many reportedly asking “where can I play?” Of 18 players training at the THCC cricket club in Hamburg, 12 are Afghans. Wahid does not understand much German or English – but when in to bat, gets the message when his coach shouts “you’re out!” The 23-year-old soldier tells Spiegel that he fled his native country over a year ago because of “difficulties with the Taliban”. In Afghanistan, he used to play cricket every …

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