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BREAKING: Rape allegations against Tom Jones from 1976

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Steven Seagal "Mass Shootings Are Engineered by the Government"

There are few issues right now more contentious than gun control. One of these issues happens to be “false flag” operations. Actor Steven Seagal has previously sounded off on both. In an interview with RT, the action star-turned second amendment fundamentalist claimed: “a lot” of domestic shootings in America were “engineered” in order to drum up support for gun control legislation.

The Anti-Media reports: In the video, Steven Seagal speaks forthrightly about his belief that there is a concerted effort by the government to violate our rights as part of an assault on the constitution: “I believe in the second amendment and our constitution more than anything in the world, and I think that Adolf Hitler – for example — when he wanted to annihilate the people of Germany —  the first thing he did was to take away their guns. And the right to bear arms wasn’t just to protect the people from foreign invaders, it was to protect them from evil governments, and anyone that would violate their inher…

The Horrific Truth About Baby Trafficking in UK (video) @snatched_baby

How to STOP Social Services from Stealing Babies.
It happened to us :Leonardo: Edwards & :Iolanda: Menino and to thousands of Mothers & Fathers across the UK and the rest of the World. Our Baby :Santiago was kidnapped at 5 days old by the Southampton City Council Corporation.


We are students of the :Chief-Federal-Judge: David-Wynn: Miller.
We thank David for all the help and support he is giving us.

To contact us:


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Why do INFOWARS all of a sudden care about LGBT people?

Mr "Gay Agenda" Alex Jones who once said the governments are turning us all gay through Kettle Chips and juice aimed at 9-year-olds, so since the Orlando shooting why all fo a sudden does he care about LGBT people? 

Alex Jones started off by waking people up and telling his listeners that Muslims didn't do 9/11 which is true and he told his listeners how the American government tortured Muslims and used them as patsies (MK-Ultra brainwashed killers). So why all of a sudden has Alex Jones decided to go total right wing nutter on us over the past couple of years? 

Alex Jones speaks out on Gay people, Gay Frogs and Female Polar Bear with Penis infowars (yes you read that right) 
Maybe Alex Jones was all along some kind of shill I know he certainly woke me up and I used to listen to him all the time and daily visited his website
The last time I listened to Alex Jones was when he was screaming and shouting whilst going red in the face about Justin Beiber it was actu…

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