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Do you read Jews News? well read this

A "news" website called Jews News who just make up islamophobic stories to suit their agenda are starting to piss me off as people still share their propaganda.

"STOP READING JEWS NEWS ITS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT AND FEAR MONGERING LIES" - BDTN EDITOR STE MATTHEW MURRAYOne of the stories they blatantly lied about was about a British boy who was bitten by a dog but Jews News decided to make a story up about it this was that story: 

This was a headline for Jew News website who seem to love pushing out lies and propaganda against Muslims.
"Swedish child beaten by Muslim immigrant for having blue eyes"
In fact, this boy was NOT beaten by a Muslim for having blue eyes in Sweden he was actually bitten by a dog in Britain. 

Another story they were caught out lying about was this:

The article has the inflammatory title, Muslims Murder Xtian Man Right In Front Of His Son, Drag His Body To The Mosque, Tie His Body And Mutilate Him.” A certain Theodore Shoebat, writing for “Jew…

Did David Cameron's hate speech kill Jo Cox?

At the end of last year, David Cameron called Labour a threat to our national security 

Was this hate speech part of what pushed Thomas Mair over the edge? 

Please comment below.

Reports that Kim-Jong Un killed by a suicide bomber

A media frenzy consumed neighbouring South Korea after it was reported that Kim was killed by a suicide bomber. With speculation reaching fever pitch, stocks related to the defence industry skyrocketed by 9% according to NK News. But South Korean army chiefs soon poured cold water on the claims, blasting the story as a "fake" with "very low creditability". The rumours reportedly started on the East Asia Tribune website, which reports that the tubby tyrant met his doom at the hands of a female suicide bomber yesterday. Its story states that Kim was attacked in the Potonggang district of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, at 2pm local time (6.30am GMT). He was attending an official function when the woman pushed past security and detonated a device before his guards could act, the article said. The 33-year-old leader was seriously wounded and rushed to a nearby state hospital, which declared him dead on arrival, the website claimed. Soon hundreds of articles flooded South…

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