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Before assisted dying why not use CANNABIS oil on terminal patients first?

Canada has made a move to become one of the few nations in the world to legalise assisted dying but instead of helping people die shouldn't we help them live by treating them with cannabis oil first?

This is from 2014:

“Ok, my Peeps. Today is the day I had only hoped would ever happen. The biopsy results are in. Corrie Yelland HAS JUST RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT HER CANCER IS 100% COMPLETELY GONE!!!! I AM CANCER FREEEEEE!!!!! Not even any dysplasia let alone the big C. To my incredible, amazing friends who collectively were responsible for me being able to afford the medicine=there are absolutely no words to describe how grateful I am to each and every one of you. You are all amazing!

To Heather who first sent me RUN FROM THE CURE--That video quite literally changed my life. Who would have thunk it, hey? I love you! To Rick Simpson, to Jindřich Bayer from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU for your knowledge and your support. I'm alive today because of all of you! I am truly bless…

Chemtrails, chembombs and now RAIN BOMBS is this what is causing floods worldwide?

Wimp reports on this "rare phenomenon"  Last summer, photographer and storm chaser Bryan Snyder was taking some long distance photos of a storm as it broke over Tucson, Arizona, when he captured a once-in-a-lifetime event. As the rain fell over the city, he saw what appeared to be a "rain bomb" fall and disperse all over the area below. What Snyder observed is technically known as a microburst, and it occurs when a column of cool air suddenly sinks rapidly through the middle of the storm. This unique phenomenon usually only affects an area under two-and-a-half miles, but the impact of this column of air and rain hitting the ground and dispersing can result in temporary wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour!

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