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A man named as Mr Teixeira has been named as a man killed in prison

UPDATE: A man named as Mr Teixeira has been named as the man killed

The Mirror reports: 
Teixeira was jailed in January 2007 for the murder of his three-year-old daughter and attempting to murder his nine-year-old son. He was serving a life sentence after he was given a minimum term of 23 years. Details on today's attack - which happened at around 9.20am this morning - are just starting to emerge. The victim reportedly suffered head injuries and was declared dead at the prison after being removed from the workshop.
A prisoner beaten to death at Long Lartin maximum security prison is believed to be a convicted child killer. Evil former Lost Prophets frontman Ian Watkins is serving a 29-year sentence at the jail. The vile rock singer was convicted of sadistic child sex crimes in December 2013 after admitting the attempted rape of a baby and the sexual assault of a child under 13. A second inmate arrested on suspicion of murder is reported to be an ex-hitman - and one of Britain’s most notori…

Emails between McCanns and 'paedophile' MP Clement Freud set to be investigated

The ex-MP had a villa in the resort Madeleine McCann vanished from and befriended her parents
The Liverpool Echo reports:  Messages between Madeleine McCann ’s parents and suspected paedophile Sir Clement Freud will reportedly be investigated as part of child sex abuse inquiry. Emails between the former MP and broadcaster, who died in 2009, and Gerry and Kate McCann, will be submitted to an inquiry into historic abuse allegation, according to the Star. The revelation comes after it emerged that the MP had a villa in the resort that Madeleine McCann disappeared from. Freud had also got to know her parents in the weeks after she vanished. One of Freud’s alleged victims, Vicky Hayes, 64, said she felt “uneasy” after finding out about the relationship, as she saw it is out of character for the usually private Freud. She told ITV News: “I read Kate McCann’s book and was immediately upset and anxious that Clement Freud had invited the McCanns to his home. “He was a private man, not the type to sudd…

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