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Tony Benn: In his own words, send Blair the Hague (video)

Blairite tweet argument I had earlier lol:
@BDTN1 he's going. Game's up thanks goodness, #corbynout — Bruce Martin (@BruceMartin) July 4, 2016
Even the right wing "new labour are ripping Tony Benn to pieces" yes Hilary Benn's father! HYPOCRITES! 
@BDTN1 Haha, you are OBSESSED with deluded Tony Benn.

Vote Dennis Healey !! 😍 — Bruce Martin (@BruceMartin) July 4, 2016

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No Corbyn NEVER covered up child abuse in Islington

The "Corbyn covered up child abuse in Islington" story is making its rounds again, it's NOT true.

Aangirfan reported:

Corbyn was given clear information about Child abuse in Islington but he took no action.

Their Source? Daily Mail

The same Daily Mail who is a far right wing newspaper who would love nothing but to bring Corbyn down and yes the same newspaper who supported Hitler and the Nazi's in WW2. 

How Do I know this is a total made up BS story I hear you asking?

Well, My name is Ste Matthew Murray and I made the Justice For Jill film a film about the links of child abuse that lead to Jill's death and in this film it covers Islington child abuse and who covered it up. The people who actually did cover up the Islington child abuse scandal were Margaret Hodge and Tony Blair NOT Corbyn. 

I did 3 years of research before I made the film which would have been about 4 and a half years ago before I would have ever known Corbyn would have been Labour leader, If his name wou…

Spy in the bag was another Clinton victim

The spy who was found dead in a padlocked bag had reportedly infuriated his MI6 bosses by illegally hacking into secret data on former U.S. president Bill Clinton

Gareth Williams the 31-year-old British spy, was discovered in a holdall in the bath at his London home five years but the mystery surrounding his death has never been solved.

It has been revealed that Williams had dug out a guest list for an event Clinton was due to attend as a favour for a friend.

The Sun on Sunday reported that the hack breached Mr Williams’ security clearance and this sparked anger among MI6 bosses as tensions rose with U.S. security services over the spy’s transatlantic work

The Mail Online reports: A source said: ‘The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams’ work with America was of the most sensitive nature.

It was a diplomatic nightmare for Sir John Sawers, the new director of MI6 at the time.’ 

The paper has also reported that voicemail messages Mr Williams, a maths genius and expert cryptographer…

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