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He's done it! Corbyn Automatically On Labour Leadership Ballot

Jeremy Corbyn will automatically be on the Labour leadership ballot, the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has ruled. Corbyn had faced the difficult task of having to scrape together the nominations of 51 MPs and MEPs in order to fight off a challenge from Angela Eagle. However the NEC today decided he could defend his position without being nominated, after an hours-long meeting at Labour headquarters that saw NEC members decide to vote by secret ballot for fear of reprisals or harassment from Corbyn supporters.  Eagle, who yesterday launched her bid to oust Corbyn - has the required number of nominations.  Shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith, who is also considering a bid, would have to come up with the 51 votes as well. HuffPost’s Martha Gill said the vote was 18-14 in Corbyn’s favour. The vote came after Mark Henderson QC was reportedly barred from presenting legal advice that was favourable to Corbyn while another lawyer, James Goudie, presented advice that was not …

Angela Eagle backers are calling Corbyn voters THUGS

Even a SKY News reporter called Corbyn voters thugs 

@SkyNews reporter "and not surprisingly @jeremycorbyn voters have attacked Eagles office"  SKY news calling all Corbyn voters thugs? — Ste Murray (@BDTN1) July 12, 2016
@BDTN1@DebbieM07444952@SkyNews@jeremycorbyn I was called a thug by a journalist for supporting corbyn lol — Adam Frank (@adamfrankauthor) July 12, 2016

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Paul Gascoigne's struggle is not entertainment. Mocking him only adds to the mental illness stigma

Yesterday, The Sun printed a photograph of Paul Gascoigne that quickly caught the attention of Twitter. Next to the headline 'AGONY OF SICK GAZZA', the photo showed the visibly ill 49-year old as he as he climbed out of a taxi underdressed to buy some alcohol. It immediately began to circulate online, with jokes firing around the internet at the former England player’s expense. The Telegraph reported:  Now, on one level this isn’t a surprise. Gascoigne has long engendered a sense of intrusive fascination among the British public, and The Sun has previously come under attack for laughing at unwell sports stars through their notorious 'BONKERS BRUNO' headline. 
But this is 2016. The mental health conversation is supposed to have moved on. We are meant to be in a better place. And besides, just because we expect something shouldn’t have to mean we accept it. You see, this isn’t a mere case of celebrity intrusion. Gascoigne is ill. He has a long history of mental health probl…

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