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Exclusive: Margaret Hodge is still being investigated over Islington Child Abuse scandal

Jeremy Corbyn's Brother said that the investigation is still running and more allegations are coming out about Islington care home child abuse. Mrs Hodge is backing Owen Smith and did back Angela Eagle along with Harriet Harmen (ex PIE Paedophile Information Exchange member).
It appears that Margaret Hodge is attempting to rewrite history in anticipation of the Islington Children’s Homes scandal resurfacing due to the current Peter Righton investigation. The Peter Righton paedophile network abused children in schools and children’s homes across the UK for decades, and there are already links between the network and Islington. Margaret Hodge was warned of paedophiles operating in Islington Children’s Homes, yet she did nothing to help the children who were being abused. For an account of what really happened with Margaret Hodge and Islington Children’s Homes, read this Evening Standard story from 2003: ‘Yes Minister, you were told about child abuse in the care homes, yet you refused to …

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