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Operation Hydrant: 300 celebs, Royals and politicians included in list of 2,220 child abuse suspects

The number of suspects being investigated over historical child abuse allegations now stands at more than 2,220, while 302 of which are described as "persons of public prominence". The figures were released as part of Operation Hydrant, the inquiry set up by the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) in June 2014.

Out of the 2,228 alleged offenders, 286 are dead and 1,217 are offenders alleged to have committed crimes in institutions such as schools, medical establishments and children's homes. The number of suspects has risen by more than 800 since the NPCC last gave an update on Operation Hydrant in May.

Of the 302 alleged offenders classified as persons of public prominence, 147 come from the world of TV, film and radio and 99 are listed as politicians both on a national and local level. There are also 39 from the music industry and 17 from the world of sport.

There are now 761 institutions being examined as part of Operation Hydrant – more than double the amount fro…

Royal family member was part of a paedophile ring the reason we are not allowed to know is unreal...

The investigation was shut down for "national security reasons".

A member of the Royal family was claimed to be part of a suspected paedophile ring under investigation by police in the late 1980s, a former police officer has said.

The Belfast Telegraph reported last year:

The former Metropolitan Police officer says he was told by a detective  that the investigation into the ring, which was also claimed to include an MP, was shut down for national security reasons.

“I was in a car with two other vice squad officers. … The detective said he had just had a major child abuse investigation shut down by the CPS regarding a royal and an MP,” he told the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

“He did not mention names, but he said the CPS had said it was not in the public’s interest because it ‘could destabilise national security’.”

The police officer identified the two colleagues, the newspaper said.

Sir Allan Green, the Director of Public Prosecutions and head of the CPS at the time the conversation t…

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