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Labour member banned voting Corbyn for posting VEGAN stuff

Only yesterday John McDonnell said the NEC are purging Labour members who are voting for Corbyn and for being left-wing and he is right today Catherine Starr was suspended for posting stuff about veganism, anti-animal cruelty stuff and for swearing.

Labour has suspended a new member from the party and denied a vote in the leadership election after she posted about her love of rock band Foo Fighters on Facebook.  
Catherine Starr, a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, was shocked to receive a letter from the party's General Secretary Iain McNicol telling her that following a vetting procedure she was being refused full membership as she had 'shared inappropriate content on Facebook'.
It said this related to a post on March 5 when she had shared a clip of Dave Grohl's band and wrote 'I f****** love the Foo Fighters'.

That day Mrs Starr, 33, had also shared a friend's inoffensive poster about animal-free cosmetics and a cartoon about veganism.

Today Mrs Starr, who previous…

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Hillsborough disaster caused by Freemasons?

A police watchdog is investigating whether decision-making over the 1989 Hillsborough disaster was influenced by Freemason Membership.

Families of the Hillsborough disaster have long expressed concerns about that Freemason Police officers colluded to blame innocent football fans for the tragedy. 

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