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Labour: It's time to unite if the anti-Corbyn MPs don't want to let them get on with it

Only the day after Corbyn won his second leadership challenge the anti-Corbyn MP's are already talking about "taking their party back" whilst drunk in the back alley of a Liverpool pub.

It's time we let them get on with what ever they are planning because it's time we all unite and fight the Tories.
If they want to carry on backstabbing our democratically elected leader (Twice) again then let them carry on with it, Ruth Smeer said only today that "they will get their party back" (what ever that means as Jeremy Corbyn has been Labour for about 40 years, years before Mrs Smeeth was even born) but it's ok let them keep backstabbing him because we should all now just ignore them they aren't important if they can't respect the majority of the members or democracy then it's not worth giving them the attention they are seeking.
They keep accusing Corbyn of dividing the party yet it's them today saying "they will get their party back"…

Labour are still taking money from Purged/Suspended members

If they have suspended or purged people from the Labour party then why on Earth are they still taking their money? 

Members who were voting for Jeremy Corbyn had been purged/suspended for the most ridiculous reasons for example "posting Vegan stuff on Twitter or even for just swearing on social media" but now these people who were purged are still being charged for their membership.
I tweeted Iain McNicol and I'm still waiting for a reply.
@IainMcNicol Can you please explain why people who have been purged from the Labour party are still being charged for the membership? — Ste Murray (@BDTN1) September 25, 2016

Have you been charged after being purged? Please comment below.

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