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PR Firm paid $500m from Pentagon for Iraq war propaganda has links with "Spin Doctor" Alastair Campbell

US government spent over $500m on fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos that tracked location of viewers

The Pentagon hired a UK-based PR firm to produce and disseminate videos during the Iraq War
A former contractor for a UK-based public relations firm says that the Pentagon paid more than half a billion dollars for the production and dissemination of fake Al-Qaeda videos that portrayed the insurgent group in a negative light. 

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported that the PR firm, Bell Pottinger, worked alongside top US military officials at Camp Victory in Baghdad at the height of the Iraq War. The agency was tasked with crafting TV segments in the style of unbiased Arabic news reports, videos of Al-Qaeda bombings that appeared to be filmed by insurgents, and anti-insurgent commercials – and those who watched the videos could be tracked by US forces.

The report of Bell Pottinger’s involvement in the video hearkens back to more than 10 years ago when the Washington-based PR firm Li…

WHAT IS GOING ON? What is with all these Horror Clown sightings?

KILLER CRAZE Knife-wielding ‘killer clown’ followed four children on their way to school as creepy fad turns sinister

Cops urge pranksters to end terrifying craze which has come over from the US
The children, aged between eleven and twelve-years-old, were walking to the Hermitage Academy on Chester-Le-Street at about 8.40am when a man dressed as a clown jumped out on them and followed them towards the school.
The Sun reported that The man, who was carrying a knife, was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms, red shoes, a multi-coloured top and was described as wearing a mask as well as having his face painted.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Mel Sutherland said: “The children arrived at school understandably upset and distressed by this incident and we are currently trying to locate this man.

“My officers will be on patrol outside the school at home time this afternoon to offer reassurance to children and parents.

“We believe this to be part of a much larger prank which is currently sweeping across the USA …

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer to take ex-British PM Tony Blair to court over war crimes in Iraq

A Dubai-based lawyer has initiated legal action against former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Gulf News reported that advocate Nasser Hashem, and his partners in London, will register the criminal case in October at the International Criminal Court and British courts.

They decided to take legal action against after the publication of Chilcot’s report in July which was commissioned by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009.
Hashem told the newspaper that Blair had falsely and unfoundedly told the House of Commons that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and biological weapons before the war was launched.

According to the Chilcot report, Saddam Hussain did not pose an urgent threat to British interests and that the intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction was presented with unwarranted certainty. The report also said the UK and the US had undermined the authority of the…

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