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worrying "Mumsy" bullying Cult bullying child abuse victims

Brenda McNamara who used to write for BDTN was axed for spreading lies and fear and now her "mumsy" bullying cult is going too far.

Yes some of you probably didn't know she used to write a blog for BDTN but she was axed as we got loads of complaints of bullying from her and her cult followers. 

For a woman aged in her 70/80's she really is a disgrace the way she speaks to people and the language she uses it's completely disgusting.

She allegedly befriends child abuse victims and then bullies them so they are so scared they refuse to speak out anymore. She bullies anyone who has a different opinion to her. 

Her good friend cult followers are an old bat called Pat, Wendi Barford a Britain First/EDL/UKIP moron who uses a fake account every now and then to bully people for "Mumsy" which is named Gayle Fawkes here at BDTN we like to  call her Gayle Fakes and there are a few more weirdos but Brenda "Mumsy" McNamara has lost most of her cult followers as…

The whole 1% elite are paedophiles or paedophile protectors

Join the dots in this video 

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