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What are Theresa May's policies? I can't find them anywhere

We now have an unelected PM Theresa May but what are her policies? 
Brexit means Brexit seems to be her only policy and we don't even know what that is. 

Last night on ITV's The Agenda a S*N journalist asked Ken Loach and Dianne Abbott what Corbyn's policies are as he allegedly only talks about what he doesn't like and not what he does like.

Ken Loach's reply was "it's easy to know what his policies are if you look for them, as the media don't report on them especially the BBC who is Bias against him".

.@KenLoachSixteen says @jeremycorbyn's policies are ignored by the media — The Agenda (@agendaitv) October 31, 2016
So today anti-Corbyn Huff Post  complains that he does have policies on his website but they are too long to read allegedly it would take an average reader 3 hours to read, so the fact he has policies isn't enough they are too long the man can't win. 

So we went looking for Theresa May's …

Why is Angela Eagle hell bent on ruining Labour? There has been NO homophobia!

Angela Eagle Hits Out At Homophobia Of ‘Unreconstructed’ Hard Left Points out Brexit unleashed intolerance against gay people.

Angela Eagle has hit out at the homophobia of “unreconstructed” parts of the hard Left and condemned a rise in hate crimes against gay people in the wake of the Brexit vote.
In an interview with HuffPost UK, the former Business Secretary described as “depressing” the fact that Labour had been forced to investigate allegations that someone at a local party meeting had called her a “dyke” which local constituents said never happened.
The Wallasey MP insisted that most Labour members were not homophobic but said that a wider ‘intolerance’ of minorities had followed the EU referendum this summer.
Eagle also rounded on those who refused to believe she was the target of the brick attack in her Merseyside constituency, one of the several factors that led Labour‘s National Executive Committee to suspend her local party.

She added that her critics had refused to believe she…

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