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Why Brexit voters and Corbyn Voters should stick together here's why ...

When the Brexit vote finally happened the media went into meltdown saying the economy is going to crash and that Britain would be doomed, the usual mainstream fear mongering, they may as well have blamed Russia or Aliens, and they are at it again.

Corbyn voters and people who voted for Brexit especially need to stand together against this media circus that are trying to change votes with fear mongering and lies. 

By the way I'm a Corbyn voter and YES I voted to leave the EU (we do exist) and I was angry back then by the way I and other Brexit voters were being abused and smeared in the Lame Stream Media and they are at it again (well they haven't stopped having a go at Corbyn since day one) and it's not fair. Thiws is the same Lame Stream Media who blame Russia for trying to pursade voters to go the other way etc and they are doing the exact same thing.
The media in Britain is owned by BILLIONAIRES who are totally afraid of the vote not going their way hence why they ridiculed Brexit voters and now Corbyn voters.

Corbyn voters and Brexit voters need to put their differences apart because we have the same enemy the state, the elite and the corrupt billionaires who are afraid of the people having a voice. 

Theresa May say's she will fight for a Brexit for us but will she really? look at it this way Theresa May is a Tory the Tories are part of the Establishment and Theresa May herself is part of the establishment. Do you honestly believe someone who is part of the steablishment is going to give you a fair Brexit? of course she won't she will give you the elites version of Brexit whilst preaching she is helping you. Theresa May and the Establishment media aren't on your side hence why they hate Jeremy Corbyn because he gives the people a choice and a voice he listens to you not dictates to you what is going to happen.

Brexit voters and Corbyn voters are not as far apart as you think we are as I mentioned earlier we have the same enemy the establishment. Nigel Farage fought hard to get Brexit are you going to let Theresa May who is an establishment puppet ruin it for him? for you? 

be careful who you vote for next Thursday as this is the last chance to beat the elite and fight for a fairer Brexit where you have a say not where it's dictated to you what you get.

The media are saying the economy is going to crash if Corbyn wins but it isn't it's just more fear mongering to scare the hell out of voters they are getting desperate in tghe last week of the election. lets show the elite how it's done. 

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